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Wondering what the latest bathroom remodeling services in Houston trends are? Everyone knows the modern bathroom is nothing short of a personal sanctuary. It’s no longer just a place to get ready to start your day. It’s also a space to unwind and wash off the day’s stress. In fact, bathrooms that resemble a spa are fast becoming the norm. You may be or may not prefer a spa-style bathroom. But, it’s important that your bathroom feels serene and spacious. After all, that’s where your day starts and ends. A too old and outdated bathroom can be depressing. And that is most probably why you are reading this.
When you are remodeling your bathroom, there are two things you need to focus on. Practicality and ambience. Remember, you want to create a space where you can relax and be yourself. At the same time, your practical needs must be fulfilled. Also, it’s worth considering who will be using the bathroom.
Then, are you looking for a large master bathroom? Or, do you want to squeeze in an extra bathroom for your expending or growing family? These factors come together to decide whether you need a full-scale remodel or just a few upgrades.
Whether you’re planning to give your bathroom a full makeover or just updating certain features. Knowing the latest trends is a good place to start. We’ve put together the below list of bathroom remodeling services in Houston trends that are popular.
Bold colors
Think-Is your bathroom still flaunting those pastels and neutrals? If yes, it’s time to switch things up! Blues and greens are some of the hottest bathroom colors or different color. You could also experiment with some bright colors like yellow and orange to liven up the space. But if you’re worried about going too bold, you can choose a subtle shade of blue or green. These water-tones work wonderfully, while giving your bathroom a pleasure and timeless feel.
Standalone Baths
The free-standing tub is a popular trend in contemporary bathrooms. Because, by installing one, you can easily create a big impression without doing much else. A standalone bath perfectly imparts a sense of luxury and sophistication and awesome feeling. That’s why it can even become the focal point of your new bathroom. There are active plenty of styles to choose from. They range from a compact slipper bath, to more luxurious roll tops. You can pick whatever or anything depending on your bathroom design. The good news is, free-standing tubs are no longer meant for larger bathrooms only. Innovative designers are creating tubs that work in small spaces.

Bathroom remodeling services in Houston Trends Design Continuity
When looking at the hottest bathroom remodeling services in Houston trends there is one thing for sure… Design continuity is in! Using the same materials or designs for your walls and floors, can help create a flowing, uninterrupted setting. Also consider matching flooring or other major elements in your bathroom to achieve a clean and elegant look. This is particularly great for small bathrooms.
Hardware & Fittings
Are you renovating an old home and planning to change those brass faucets? Stop! Brass in bathroom hardware fixtures is a huge trend that’s not going to fade out anytime soon. It has replaced the shiny polished chrome finish that was popular a few years ago. The brass or warm gold finish is not just great for accessories or bathroom hardware or fixtures for bathroom demodulation. It works well on bathroom mirror frames and other accent pieces.
Timeless Materials
Some materials like wood, metal, colored natural stone and ceramics have an enduring appeal. So you’ll find that they are trendy year after year and next. How do you work with such materials while beating the boredom? The key is to pick a material that you’ve never used before. For instance, if your bathroom currently is decked in stone and ceramic, try incorporating some mosaic metal or glass tiles. This will break the monotony while allowing you to make the most of these materials.
Neutral Colors
White was once the preferred color for walls, cabinets and bench tops. While that’s not the case anymore, we can’t deny that white opens up and enhances the look of a small bathroom. Whites create an illusion of space, which makes small bathrooms appear more spacious. To replicate this effect, you can still work with neutrals. For a trendy touch, add a splash of organic colors like greens, blues, and warm browns.
Textures & Patterns
Plain & boring tiles are out of fashion. Instead, it’s time to bring in tiles of interesting textures, colors, patterns, and designs. Now here are many different options to play around with. Unique and attractive shapes like hexagon, diamond, or chevron patterns are available in new colors and textures. They are great for adding an interesting dimension according to you for your bathroom floor. But they can also be used on bathroom backsplashes, shower walls, and even as ceiling accents just trends.
Bathroom designs have come a long way. And, innovative tech upgrades serve as the biggest proof. You can now enjoy digital and smart showers that know your preferred temperature. Or, use motion-detecting lights that turn off and on automatically sensing your presence. Not just these, voice-activated speakers and a host of smartphone-controlled features are making their way into modern bathrooms.
Bathroom remodeling services in Houston Trends – Conclusion
The role of the bathroom has evolved a lot. It now serves as one of the most functional rooms in your dream home. So, if you are planning to dive into a bathroom remodeling services in Houston project this year, there are several factors to consider before you start. This bathroom remodeling services in Houston trends post was a great place to start. Now it’s time to weigh your options and look for ways to incorporate the latest trends. And of course doing so in a way that fits your requirements, budget, and taste. A professional contractor can help you draw your bathroom renovation plans. While keeping all the critical factors in mind.
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