Best Home repair services

Best Home repair services in Houston

Home repair services can be intimidating, especially if you’re planning to tackle projects yourself and aren’t sure how to get started. One of the best ways to work up the courage and find inspiration for your projects is to explore Home repair services blogs written by home roof repair just like you.

We’ve pulled together a list of some of our favorite DIY and remodeling blogs to help you get started. From learning how to use your power tools to decorating your guest bedroom, we’re sure these five Home repair services blogs will help you hone your skill set.

DIY and Home Renovation Blogs to Inspire Your Next Project

The Ugly Duckling House

Sarah is the voice behind the Ugly Duckling House blog. The blog started when she bought her first home in Atlanta, Georgia and decided to blog about her DIY adventures and mishaps. She fully details her projects with instructions, pictures, videos and a good amount of humor.

On her Home repair services blog, Sarah doesn’t shy away from projects she’s never completed before (like building cabinets and getting rid of backyard stumps) and encourages others to do the same. Her blog makes it clear that she thinks if she can do it, anyone can.

Sensational Style

This 10-year-old blog is written by Kate Riley, a lawyer turned design blogger who focuses on interior design, smart Home repair services and DIY projects.

Her experience comes from her own home remodel as well as the fixer-upper properties she has worked on. Her Home repair services and DIY blog includes room tours, design tips and outlines of her completed projects, which range in size from kitchen remodels to wallpaper installation.

Mixed in with the DIY blog tutorials about installing shiplap and fireplace makeovers, you’ll find design tips varying from choosing dream bathroom hardware to selecting the right rug.

Recommended Reading: We love this post that details the truth of renovation mistakes and design “never,” where Kate discusses her own renovation mistakes and common design no-no’s she disagrees with.

Young House Love

Young House Love is the work of husband and wife, John and Sherry in Richmond, Virginia. Since starting this beautiful blog, they have renovated three homes (not to mention seven kitchens), written multiple books and helped design products sold at Target and Home repair services depot. They are expert home roof repair and their projects range from redesigning floor plans to decorating rooms.

While some of their projects may be beyond your scope, their home renovation unique blog provides very interesting details about how they plan these projects, what went wrong and what they couldn’t change but wanted to. Many of the posts include methods they tried that didn’t work, proving that you are not alone in your occasional DIY struggles.

Recommended Reading: This remodeling blog goes into great detail about the products they purchased and often provides alternatives varying in price and color. This article on installing subway tile is a great step-by-step guide and includes different tile options so you can find the right one for your kitchen.


Remodelaholic is written by Cassity, an interior designer, with occasional posts from her husband. They are currently working on their fifth project house. The blog’s motto is “reduce, reuse, recycle, re-purpose, remodel” and features projects that work to do just that. DIY project posts are illustrated with detailed photos, videos and many instructions. They include inside projects such as remodeling a master dreamed bedroom, as well as some unique outdoor improvements like building a chicken coop with Home repair services.

Remodelaholic provides a real-life look at projects, detailing how long a project took, how it impacted the family, why certain decisions were made (like hiring a professional instead of doing a project completely DIY and how she feels about the results.

Recommended My Blog Reading: Take some time to learn about Remodelaholic’s bathroom remodel project, where she puts her blog’s motto to good use. She explains which parts of her bathroom she is reusing, what pieces she’s recycling from around the house and shows you how the finished product comes out.

The DIY Bungalow

Lisa smith is another lawyer turned DIY blogger. Her blog focuses on decorating on a budget, touching on everything from paint and color to storage and organization. You can find posts on a broad range of subjects, including her $1,000 kitchen remodelation and tutorials on painting everything from doors to headboards.

The DIY Bungalow has regular features like “Friday Five” and “Power Tool Challenge,” both great for Home repair services education and inspiration.

Best Home repair services Blog Nominees

Know of any other Home repair services or decorating blogs we should bookmark? How we know, Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below. Also, check out the Home repair services section of our blog for comprehensive how-to projects, remodeling ideas and the latest industry trends.


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