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Room Additions
Room Additions

Is your residence too small for your beautiful growing family? Wishing you had a bit of extra space at home to impress your guests?

Constructing a room addition on an existing property is a price-efficient means to add area and warranted worth to your own home. Whether or not you might be creating new space for work or entertainment, our room development provider can support you to create a customized design that provides value, comfort, and functionality to your residence. A partnership with us implies that we’ll take care of all of the technicalities, together with progress and logistics to make certain that you may have a stress-free experience from idea to execution and completion for your room addition.

We are authorities in residential room construction, renovation, and remodelling, which is why we are able to furnish you with a pleasurable and bother-free room addition to your house project. Even though this is normally considered as a complicated task to perform, but you don’t need to fear on the grounds because we will be able to control the whole lot from beginning to finish. And we have the entire imperative knowledge of your township building codes, impervious floor insurance plan allowances, structural engineering, and foundation necessities.

We serve you all new room addition

It continually seems there’s never sufficient space; however room additions from our company is the perfect solution. Usual room additions include, but aren’t confined to:


  • Kitchen enlargement 
  • Master bedroom expansion 
  • Bathroom addition 
  • Bedroom addition above Garage 
  • Living room addition 
  • Sunroom Addition

How do we work?

Firstly we schedule a Free Room Addition Estimate. We offer an array of offerings to help construct a new room addition whether you need help with the planning or just the execution, no project work is simply too huge for our workforce. 

  • Room Addition services: 
  • Blueprints 
  • Structure 
  • Framing basis 
  • Support 
  • Exterior coating 
  • Waterproofing 
  • Architectural design 
  • Engineered blueprints

Leaving you with results that are greater than yours satisfaction.

Whilst you come to a decision to have room addition services achieved by our room addition company, we will make certain that you’ll be ensured for the duration of the entire home remodelling approach, from the starting to the finish. Our customer service representatives are right here to answer any question you may have in regards to the room addition service we offer. Our room addition company knows that room addition service can also be expensive, which is why our Finance department will overview your financing options with you and even help you acquire loans that offer incentives for energy efficient remodelling. Also our room addition company will work with you in order so that you can fully grasp your residence remodelling plans.

We consider that our environment is probably the most precious reward! 

It gives us all we’d died without energy, natural assets, light, oxygen, water and wind without requesting anything in return, only to be kept smooth. 

We not only accommodate and follow your favored budget, but we ensure that all systems might be executed using eco-friendly products and machines. We try to keep our valuable atmosphere green and clean.

We can make your room renovation award winning. Inventive Nook is well-versed in all phases of residential building, which allows us to support our customers make the great choices about their project. As a full-carrier room addition contractor, we will furnish you with a more effortless and efficient approach to your remodeling project.


We are excited to work with you!

We adore home addition projects on the grounds that we’re hooked in to working with consumers to design and construct additions that they’ll love. We feel that you’ll love working with us too; our professionals are authorities in low-priced, quality room additions, and normally prioritize craftsmanship and the customer experience. In case you are ready to learn more about our home addition services and the way we are able to serve you on adding space to an already existing residence, get in contact with us now.

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