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Why should you select a professional painting service?

The Painter Guy works with Texas residents personally to determine what they want to achieve with their home improvement project fulfill. We strive to provide our customers with complete total satisfaction following any job we perform in the Texas area. Whether its house painting services or drywall repair, we are the painting contractors you can trust. We always work cleanly, professionally and quickly to stay within your schedule and budget. Our contractors in Texas are fully insured and have many years of experience in the industry as quality painters.
Drywall Repair Done Right in Texas
When your drywall needs some repairs, it’s tempting to try to handle this extensive project yourself. Buying the proper materials, tool, and equipment, plus the time and energy it takes, can result in this important task going uncompleted. At The Painter Guy, we specialize in drywall repair before we begin your painting job. We have all of the proper tools and equipment needed to get your drywall all patched up and free from nail holes and gouges. At The Painter Guy, our main goal is to make your Texas house feel like a dream home again.
Providing Texas With Affordable House Painting Services
The Painter Guy of Texas has reliable painting contractors to handle your residential and commercial painting needs. We take a significant amount of pride in the fact that we provide our clients with a wide variety quality house painting services. When you want to spruce-up your home, it’s best to call a professional painting contractor who can handle the job efficiently with as little cost and personal upheaval as possible. The Painter Guy not only knows the best techniques to finish your job, but we also have the latest painting equipment to ensure that your Texas home looks its absolute best.

Quality Texas Contractors Strive to Provide Customer Satisfaction
Drywall repairs and house painting projects, while sometimes a massive undertaking, shouldn’t be time-consuming activities. When you hire a professional, part of the reason for doing so is to make sure the job is finished promptly. With The Painter Guy, you never have to worry about how long a job will take, or if the quality will suffer. We are quality painting contractors who promise and serve the Texas area and take every job extremely seriously, providing the best customer service and top-notch work.
Our Five-Step System for High-Quality Painting Projects
Our workers will arrive promptly every day timely to commence the exterior house painting services and make sure to clean up the property at the end of each shift work. The experience painters we work with are college-aged students who have received extensive training on house painting services and business management techniques and skills alike. They model their work after this five-step system that is proven effective:

Step 1: Preparing
We take power wash, caulk, putty, sand, and scrape the home, using drop cloths to ensure a clean jobsite. Depending on project
Step 2: Priming
Your local pro will choose the high-quality primer that’s best for your project to make sure your new paint lasts touch.
Step 3: Painting
We apply a finish coat of your chosen color and gloss level. This will protect your home from the elements and ultra violet rays that weather your home.
Step 4: Cleaning Up
We clean up daily routine, as well as at the end of the project. We remove all paint chips, and pack up and store our materials. You won’t even know we were there!
Step 5: Inspecting
After we’ve applied the last coat of paint and attend to the finally finishing touches, we will take you through the finished product to get your stamp of approval. Congratulations on your new and improved home!
Our exterior services

• Painting
• Pressure Washing
• Staining and Wood Refinishing
• Rust Prevention
• Get in Touch
When you notice all that the color on your house is fading, peeling or hasn’t had any work done in at least eight years, it’s definitely time for a touch up. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with College Pro for local house painting services in your area. We offer a two-year warranty and full worker’s compensation along with liability insurance to protect you and our workers. Call us at 8328608070 to request to make a free estimate.

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